2nd hand mobile with Tom Tom

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2nd hand mobile with Tom Tom

Postby katiekat » Sat Aug 25, 2007 2:02 am

I've got a phone and it has Tom Tom on it.

When i click "Navigate to" it brings up Favourites, Address and Recent Destinations

I've managed to get rid of the previous owners Favourites, but the other 2 sections still have the previous owners details in them.(About 12 places)

I was told if I put in 20 addresses of my own it would lose theirs but that didnt work I now have my 20 places plus their's

Can anyone tell me how I rid the Tom Tom of their Address's and Recent destinations??

tomtom mobile smartphone

Postby markkyboy » Sun Aug 26, 2007 3:19 am

Hi katie, there are a few possible ways you could do this,im not sure which phone you are using but there is a setting in Tomtom which will RESET FACTORY SETTINGS - be careful doing this, ive never done it myself, you may need the original Tomtom install disc if it goes wrong, i have a back up just in case.

Go to main menu (navigate to ,find alternative,etc, go to PREFERENCES, open it and go NEXT, NEXT,NEXT, etc until you see Reset Factory Settings.

This will default the Tomtom back to how it was when it was new, no one elses addresses or favs!..

Also, Manage Favourites is another way of deleting unwanted addresses and destinations, im guessing you have already tried that!....

Good luck


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