60CSx died...

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60CSx died...

Postby alexberry » Sun Sep 02, 2007 4:22 am

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, and how they found the Garmin (Europe/UK) repair service.

Last night I went to programme my 60CSx for this weekend's walking trip, and it wouldn't turn on. Not a thing, dead as a dodo... New batteries, the works.

If I connected it to my PC via a USB hub as usual, nothing. If I connected it with a direct USB connection, then it powered on, but the unit thought it was operating under battery power(!), and as soon as I unplugged the USB lead, the unit faded away and died.

(Previous to this, I had no luck with Lithium AAs, despite the latest firmware - power on OK, but instant fade away and nothing. Wonder if this was a precursor to the eventual demise of my unit?)

Anyway. contacted Garmin first thing this morning, and they issued me with a return code and instructions for posting it back to them. The guy said they'd probably just replace it with a new unit...

Have you had any experience of Garmin's repair service? If so, how did they do? Did it take long?

Also, if they do provide a replacement unit, how difficult is it to get my Topo maps unlocked and working on the new unit?

I'll let folks know how I get on, anyway.



Re: 60CSx died...

Postby philpugh » Mon Sep 03, 2007 4:56 pm

It was a long time ago - late 90's. My GPSII+ started turning off in cold weather - just what you need when you are on a moor in Derbyshire, in a snow storm.

Garmin UK gave me a return number, I posted it off and it took just under 2 weeks I recall. They returned the same unit (well the serial number was the same) but the firmware version was and still is, 2.11 - which has never been an official release and the latest is still only 2.07 - but the unit has been fine ever since.

I suspect they just replaced the innards of the unit. They were very efficient and helpful - I would certainly return your product if they have offered.

Re: 60CSx died...

Postby alexberry » Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:00 pm

I can happily report that Garmin were very good... They took just four days to send me back a brand new replacement unit.

Only two issues: Firstly, they included paperwork with a new MapSource unlock code for the replacement unit, but it was mixed up with someone else's order and was for a nuvi 660 instead of a 60CSx. One phonecall, and all was resolved.

Secondly, although Garmin sent back a unit within four days, the courier failed to deliver it, and it took another four days and calls back to Garmin to realise that my unit was being held at the courier's depot, and another three days before I could go and collect it. Not good. Garmin used Interlink Express in the UK. They're clearly unreliable, so watch that if you're in similar situation to me.

So, I got my new 60CSx, and it's now set up and working wonderfully. It even now works OK with Energizer Lithium batteries, which suggests my problems with these on my old unit was all part of the same problem. Firmware is the most up to date, although the GPS software needed updating through the WebUpdater. (I always connect USB direct to the PC rather than through a USB Hub for firmware updates on any device and have never had a problem. Got this tip from HP after I fried my iPaq a few months ago...)

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