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TomTom 910 Miles and metres

Postby MikeB » Sat Aug 25, 2007 1:51 am

Hi there, can anybody help?

Been using the new Tom Tom 910 and very happy with it, once I'd figured out you need to change from America map to Western Europe map - this took a frustrating 10 hours to sort out, and was not explained in the manual.

My question is: can I make the unit report miles and metres, instead of miles and yards, or kilometres and metres? Here in the UK roads are in miles, and most of us in the UK nowadays think in metres.

If not, can Tomtom please include this in an upgrade???


Re: TomTom 910 Miles and metres

Postby Border_Collie » Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:04 pm

and most of us in the UK nowadays think in metres

I'm not so sure about that statement. Weights maybe, but surely not distance and speed.

All signs in GB must be shown in Imperial, it is illegal to have signs showing only Km or metres. You usually find height restrictions have both Imperial and metric and maybe width and weight restrictions, but that appears more for the benefit of foreign lorry drivers.

If you are for example driving from London to Brighton, the road sign will say 52 miles not 83Km, countdown markers on motorways are in yards. Check a speed limit sign e.g. 70mph and you use your speedo to check for 70mph.

I still think in Miles, yards, feet and inches and your preference appears to be Km or metres but I'm sure that if we were to start side by side and you were asked to 'stride out' a distance of 1500 metres and I had to 'stride out' a mile, I guarantee neither of us would be right. I doubt we could even guess at 50 metres or 50 yards.

I've travelled many miles (km) in France and never had a problem with countdown markers being in metres, after all a yard is 36 inches and a metre 39.25.

I still use my speedo in mph, when in France, having done a quick mental calculation from kph. e.g. Take 90kph, I ignore the nought and multiply by 6 which gives me 54mph. It works all through the range and is only 1 or 2 mph under the actual limit.

But getting back to your question. If you select Change preferences, scroll through to Page 5, select Set units.

Re: TomTom 910 Miles and metres

Postby MikeB » Mon Aug 27, 2007 8:01 pm

Hi BC,

I wanted and prefer to see miles and metres in the UK on my TomTom, swapping only to kilomtres on the continent.

Pity the TomTom doesnt permit this; it's a detail in an otherwise excellent unit.

The Comand 2.5 system in my Mercedes permits selection of both miles and metres, and that is in a car bought 5 years ago.

Yards, pounds, stone, imperial/US gallons, work in those if you prefer; as a pilot I'm more familiar than most with conversion factors. My children and myself have been educated in SI units.


Re: TomTom 910 Miles and metres

Postby Border_Collie » Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:40 am

TTN5 Software on my Mio168 allows me to go to Change preferences then scroll to page 5 Set Units - Miles/Kilometeres - 12/24 hour clock - Degrees/Degrees Minutes/Degrees Minutes Seconds. Hopefully the Go 910 this has this feature.

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